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Why MAC?

In the words of our MAC "Evangelists"--our every-year attendees . . .

  1. "If you have a thirst for Jesus, and for being a better minister in your discipleship path, you NEED to be here."
  2. "It is an excellent opportunity to be renewed, enriched, and introduced to new material and new ministries. Attendance at the MAC not only helps you grow in your own faith journey, but gives you tools to be involved in a ministry that may help others grow in their faith journey."
  3. "The quality of the MAC experience is one to be shared! I love learning and celebrating with people in my ministry.  However, we don't minister in a silo, but collaboratively.  The wealth of sharing, learning and networking with music ministers, administrators, youth ministers, etc., is invaluable! The more people who share in the experience, the greater the possibility that our dioceses and parishes will be renewed!"
  4. "Those who are new to ministry or unsure about what they are doing can become inspired and more confident as well as leave with great resources (including the new people they have met)."
  5. "I am a big fan of using the MAC to "cross-train" outside my specific ministry "area.""

2017 Theme: Blessed as Living Witnesses

The annual Mid-Atlantic Congress – Forming Catholic Leaders for Faith-filled Service, co-sponsored by the Association of Catholic Publishers and the Archdiocese of Baltimore. Together, MAC is a unique and dynamic conference created just for today’s Catholic pastoral and administrative leader.

The Mid-Atlantic Congress (MAC) is organized around the theme of "Blessed as Living Witnesses." Thursday addresses us as God's creatures who we have been provided an abundance of temporal and spiritual blessings. Inherent among these gifts are our goodness and dignity, as well as our ability and responsibility for sharing these blessings with others. With Jesus as our example, we proclaim the Good News, eternal life.

On Friday, we focus explicitly on brokenness that is not inward-looking, but is more communal in nature. The cross reminds us of the redemptive suffering of Jesus, and directs us to be in solidarity with the brokenness of others for we know that "sharing doubles our joy and divides our grief."

We are called to be witnesses to brokenness including all of the challenges that that entails. We look to the cloud of witnesses and communion of saints who have come before us for models of this. If we allow ourselves to be broken, then we open ourselves to the in-pouring of grace. Just as bread is broken to be given, then so too are we.

On Saturday, we go forth in the humility and gratitude to which Pope Francis calls us.