Why Can’t We Be Friends: Youth Ministry and Catechesis Working Together to Form Disciples
Speakers: Tex Phelps, Sara Blauvelt
Tex Phelps, Director for Youth Ministry for the Archdiocese of Washington and Sara Blauvelt, Director for Catechesis for the Archdiocese of Washington will consider how the four principles that guide development of life in society outlined in The Joy of the Gospel, can be applied as a paradigm for enhancing the collaboration between youth ministry and catechesis. This bootcamp includes time for youth ministers and parish catechetical leaders to work together to envision a collaborative ministry for their parish.  To fully participate in this working bootcamp, both the parish youth minister and catechetical leader are encouraged to attend together.
Sponsor: National Conference for Catechetical Leadership

Partnering with Parents
Pope Francis has clearly articulated a path for the Church and church leaders everywhere that leads us into the homes and the lived reality of parents and families. Why is family so central to an evangelizing church? How can ministry leaders effectively accompany parents and families in their faith journeys? And perhaps most important, what’s keeping us from taking those necessary next steps to partner more closely with parents in the faith transmission process? Join others who are seeking the answers to these same questions as we explore the five critical tasks in partnering with parents to bring home the faith.

Speaker: Michael Theisen
Sponsor: National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry

Persons with Disabilities: Disciples within the Ordinary Life of the Church 
Speaker: Jan Benton, Anne Masters, MA, FAAIDD, Pam Bernards, Ed.D., Julia Gilberto
This bootcamp will provide an in-depth overview of how Catholic leaders can foster the full participation of Catholics with disabilities within their parishes and organizations. The session will start by articulating the necessary role of persons with disabilities within the daily pastoral life of the Church. Next, the session will cover the latest disability ministry initiatives in the Church today including the USCCB’s revised edition of the Guidelines for the Celebration of the Sacraments with Persons with Disabilities (June 2017), models of engagement in catechesis, recent Vatican disability conferences, initiatives to make Catholic schools more accommodating, accessible design for parishes and Catholic organizations, and attending mass for persons with autism spectrum disorder. This bootcamp will also include an exercise for participants to envision the necessary characteristics to create a parish or organization where persons with disabilities and their families experience a sense of belonging. Since persons with disabilities actively participate in and contribute to all areas of Church life, these resources are necessary for any Catholic leader. 
Sponsor: National Catholic Partnership on Disability

Recalibration: Moving to a Preferred, Grace-Filled Future!
Speaker: Bob McCarty
Pastoral leaders are so very skilled at planning ahead, implementing programs, and operating from a comprehensive vision. So, why don’t we utilize the same skill set when it comes to considering our own future? This session is for pastoral ministers in the wisdom generation, considering your ‘next stage’ in life and ministry, contemplating transition, and not ready to completely leave the ministry vineyard. We will consider the three poles of recalibration: identity, vocation, and spirituality. We will identify the practical challenges of finances, relationships, and meaningful activity. We will name the fears, key questions to consider, and specific strategies to honor our past and enhance our preferred future. Whether considering full or semi-retirement, recalibration is a life-giving option, a re-examination of vocation and ministry, and a joy-filled pathway to our next stage.

Plan on spending your Thursday morning with us from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at one of the bootcamps led by our collaborators and sponsors.