Before MAC Begins

  1. Andrea Massengile is your main contact.
  2. Complete all questions in the Speaker Information Tool.
  3. Send a digital photo to Therese Brown.
  4. Send us PowerPoints, handouts, or any digital files. We will post them at mobile app and website.

For Presenters

2017 MAC Presenter Toolkit
Before getting started on your presentation, please take some time to review the resources we have provided below. These guidelines will provide you with useful directions, from crafting to delivering your talk, and includes tips and tricks to help you create meaningful audience engagement.

Outside Resources

Promote Your Attendance at 2017 MAC

So now you’re registered as a speaker. What’s next? Why, promote yourself, of course!

You can use your normal social media posting as an opportunity to promote your attendance, session, presentation, or exhibition at 2017 MAC. The more you post, the more attention you’ll bring to your session and to 2017 MAC in general.

We’ve also created this custom cover photo for use on your personal or company Facebook page! (Right-click on the image to the right and select “Save image as…”)

Social media sites are great venues to not only promote your session/attendance, but also to engage with fellow attendees. 

When posting on any social media channel,  use #MAC2017 or #MACongress on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube and include the name of your session/presentation. To post on the MAC Twitter feed, use the handle @MACongress.

And don’t forget to link back to the conference website -- "".


  • Twitter Example: I’m a speaker at #MAC17! Take a look at my session, @ xxxx @MACongress.
  • Instagram Example: Create a short 30-second video to “tease” your session.

If MAC includes you in a tweet or response from their social page, go ahead and retweet/favorite/like it so that your colleagues can see it.  We suggest posting once a week or every two weeks about speaking at the 2017 MAC for consistency. Mix up your wording so it doesn’t become repetitive.

Outside of social media, there are numerous other opportunities to promote your presentation at the 2017 MAC.

  • Request that your company newsletter include a small blurb about the event and your session. You may use the wording and content from the “Why MAC” portion of the conference website.

  • Using the conference banner, email your colleagues and contacts to notify them of your session at MAC.

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