Hilton Baltimore, MD


The 2019 MAC offers single and multi-day intensive courses in parish renewal, cultural competence, music ministry, and parish engagement.


(Thursday, Feb. 14-Friday, Feb. 15)

Registration Fee: $205 (includes lunches, copy of Rebuilt and field guide plus the rest of MAC on Friday afternoon and Saturday)

Bring your parish back to life by focusing on God’s mission—growing disciples—with Fr. Michael White and Tom Corcoran, authors of Rebuilt.

Borrow the successful strategies that they have gathered and build a thriving parish whose vision is centered on the Eucharist.

Please note: To ensure the highest degree of potential success, registration for Rebuilt is limited to parish groups, led by the pastor or equivalent and 2 or more other pastoral staff members/parish council members.


(Friday, Feb. 15)

Registration Fee: $85 (includes lunch)

How does human evolution relate to the mysteries of faith, to the human person as the image of God, original sin and eternal life? In this intensive sponsored by the Science and Religion Initiative of the University of Notre Dame, a scientist, theologian and philosopher will present an introductory picture of the dawn of humanity given by faith and reason, divine revelation and modern science.

Teachers and administrators will better understand how to creatively unite faith and science in their approach to catechesis about the human. The biblical creation accounts in Genesis 1-3 and Church teaching will be brought into dialogue with paleoanthropology and evolutionary psychology.  

Schedule for the Day

10:45 AM  Presentation: Matt Rossano
12:30 PM Lunch (price is included)
1:30 PM Presentation: Chris Baglow
2:30 PM Break
2:45 PM Presentation: Cory Hayes
3:45 PM Panel discussion
4:15 PM Evaluation
4:30 PM Closing Prayer/Distribution of Certificates

Sponsors: McGrath Institute for Church Life, University of Notre Dame


(Wednesday, Feb. 13-Friday, Feb. 15)

Registration Fee:  $190 (includes lunches and materials plus registration for all-day Saturday at the MAC)

The workshop provides an opportunity for ministers to attain a foundational level of competence in intercultural relations and communications. It is also designed to orient trainers to methodology, strategies, and activities suited to teach the content of the program.

This two and a half day program aims to prepare the ministry leader to:

  • Articulate the general outlines of a theology and spirituality of ministry in intercultural settings, with special attention to concepts of evangelization and inculturation.
  • Increase awareness regarding how to communicate appropriately and effectively with persons and groups in cultures other than your own.
  • Gain the ability to identify and articulate obstacles that impede group interaction.
  • Provide a rationale for the inclusion and integration of diverse cultural groups into the life and mission of your parish and diocese.

This program is for all ministers and persons in church leadership positions.
Contact Yolanda Taylor-Burwell at diversity@usccb.org with questions about the workshop. 

*Pre-registration is required for this workshop*