• Sessions & Speakers

    Over 75 of the best speakers on Catholic leadership in two days!

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  • Resources & Networking

    Spend time in the Resource Center with exhibitors and colleagues.

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  • Leadership Track

    Leaders and leadership are the focus of MAC.

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  • Diversity

    The Mid-Atlantic Congress strives to be diverse.

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  • Technology

    Digital is the way MAC goes.

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The theme for 2013 and beyond is “Forming Catholic Leaders for Faith-Filled Service.”

In 2015, the Mid-Atlantic Congress (MAC) continues to explore the New Evangelization with a special focus on encountering Jesus Christ in faith, worship, and witness.


We hope to:

  1. Support and promote an externally focused vision that reflects on and accounts for what is happening in the Church, in our culture, and in our world, especially in terms of technology.
  2. Be an example of diversity and breadth of voice in the Catholic Church.
  3. Support the mission and work of the Catholic Bishops in the United States.
  4. Intentionally provide skills for leaders at all levels.
  5. Engage participants as active learners throughout the Congress.