Hilton Baltimore, MD



read what our past--and "every year"--attendees have to say about their experience of the Mid-Atlantic Congress


"It is an excellent opportunity to be renewed, enriched, and introduced to new material and new ministries. Attendance at the MAC not only helps you grow in your own faith journey, but gives you tools to be involved in a ministry that may help others grow in their faith journey."

"The quality of the MAC experience is one to be shared! I love learning and celebrating with people in my ministry.  However, we don't minister in a silo, but collaboratively.  The wealth of sharing, learning and networking with music ministers, administrators, youth ministers, etc., is invaluable! The more people who share in the experience, the greater the possibility that our dioceses and parishes will be renewed!"

--Nancy, WV

"Those who are new to ministry or unsure about what they are doing can become inspired and more confident as well as leave with great resources (including the new people they have met)."

"I am a big fan of using the MAC to "cross-train" outside my specific ministry "area.""

"It is an experience of the larger CHURCH, expose others to the excitement and dedication of pastoral ministers, volunteers and how much is available to help them and their families grow spiritually."

--Gerri, MD